Trans assaults on the rise

If you see a Trans person being assaulted on the train or streets of NYC, consider your privilege. Chances of them being frightened by everything that breathes at that moment are pretty high, including you. So often these assaults happen and not a single person moves to help! As if it is none of their business. People watch and listen as if it is a favorite show, one they have seen before and remains a guilty pleasure.

In that moment I will continue to pray that 1 person has the sense to stand between me and the assailant/s. I'll pray that I have the sense not to cry, to show any weakness in that moment makes you more vulnerable to further assault. Do not give them the satisfaction of hurting you. Every time it HURTS. I store the pain away and allow it to build up and chip away at a fragile spirit. So many times I've been a physical barrier between cis-people being assaulted yet all the voices stop but the bully while I shrink into my subway seat. If some day u do stand up, please don't touch me. Don't try to console me in front of my assailants. Just allow me to get to safety and maybe ask if there is you can provide any further assistance. Leave me alone. I'm familiar with alone and scared. Trans people are well aware this may be the time we are splashed all over the news and media and again not much is done in response. We may be another name added to the list of violence, the list of Trans murders, the list of names with NO heroes or sheroes in the story. Surely you must see us. You can hear them I am certain of it.

If it's none of your business, then who's is it? Is it my burden? But I've already done so much self-advocating and teaching you about my Trans identity. I've fought to dress myself and pee in peace. Well truthfully most days I can't do that yet. I'm misgendered repeatedly as though I'm irrelevant or I'm too much work for you. Allow me to get to my destination and remove myself from harms way. Please allow every article of clothing and piece of hair and beat face to remain meticulously in place when I get where I am headed. It's my skin and I already do not feel like i fit into it, let alone when it is torn away from me. Let me hold my head high and not stare at the ground, I am a gift just the way I am. I may be scared to take the train or walk the streets alone, understandably.

I love NY. If it cannot see or hear me when I am in need, who will?



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