I wear my masculinity like a SCAR

I wear my masculinity like a scar, like a wound and badge of honor in a world designed to cut down, discredit, make fun of, beat up, rape and murder variations of gender outside the binary.

Boys are this way and girls are that, what you say and when u say it has profound impact along the way and wounds cut deep.

Be sensitive cause I'm sensitive. Language is the game of mutual respect. I respect you for you in all of the diversity and beauty of the human race, will you believe me when I say who I am and my truth, will you see me when I walk down the street, will you see past the scars and pain and SEE me, will you HEAR me, not only "like" the reposts on social media and what I have to say, will you share my voice, will you share the voices of the marginalized who can barely catch their breath from all the self-advocating.

Will you hear that we are dying inside and on the streets, will you support us in spaces where we are not present so that you effect social change too. Or are we fair-weather friends that u look at and like like a piece of art, a piece of ass, a project to boost your diversity points amongst your friends.

Do u SEE me, do you HEAR me. This is not a phase, the world molded me this way. The dresses and the skirts and the makeup are all a part of my world, so is my masculinity. Celebrate Trans bodies and Trans lives and Trans voices. Lift them up as the world outside tears us down.

#translivesmatter #girlslikeus #trans #genderproud #genderqueer #notonemore #transgender #luckysmichaels #feminineboys #masculinegirls #seeme #hearme


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