..."is that your REAL hair?"


Trans people face stupid questions all the time.

This is a PSA.

If you're not Trans, open a new browser and google "what not to ask a Trans person" please note whether what u read is actually written by a Trans person.

I'm a Trans woman and my hair exists in many stages many colors many lengths and many styles. Every look is REAL. Yes I am a REAL girl and all of my parts are thus REAL. My pronouns are She/Her (note that people have pronouns and it is not a preference just as my identity isn't a preference it is a truth about who I am). My ID affirms that I am who I say I am & it is recognized as such in the country I live in.

There are things that are alright to ask such as what are your pronouns, or you the usual... How is your day going, are you from New York originally, are you enjoying the weather? Gender police BEWARE! Trans people are as REAL as it gets! I walk around taking note of all the FAKE-A$$-people out there surrounded by their "stuff" secure by whatever others affirm their norm to be while absolutely dead to the fact that humans are a very beautifully diverse species. I will get a hair cut or all of my HAIRS cut or not get a haircut and always be me, in bed, at home, at work, out and about... Language is about respect and I respect you, respect ME. Although you see me in a multitude of ways, the fundamental facts about who I am do not change. See me! Hear me!
Do not hurt me!

Stand up for me!

Educate yourself!

I am REAL in every way!

#transgender #transisbeautiful #girlslikeus #transisresistance



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