Tell us what it means to be “human”!

We need your help to document One Day on Earth - October 10, 2010 (10.10.10)!

Human Rights Watch, together with 60 other organizations including Oxfam and the American Red Cross, is asking people around the world to help document life on earth during a 24-hour period (10.10.10), by creating videos that will live forever in a global archive (and may be used in a documentary).

We want you to shoot and upload short videos to illustrate the human rights we value or the abuses we face. We're asking you to show us the human in human rights - and by you we mean researchers, associates, directors, interns, activists, supporters and anyone else with an interest in these issues. For more specific guidelines and suggestions, visit our page (though the information is also pasted below).

Please forward this e-mail to everybody you know, especially partners and activists around the world––we want the broadest participation possible. You don’t need a high-def video camera to take part––shooting on a cell phone can work just as well. And for those without a stable internet connection, you can drop your video off at UNDP locations in 100 countries ( E-mail us if you need more specific information regarding your country.

The footage gathered might be used in a feature film made by One Day on Earth, the non-profit organizing this event, as well as a short film created for Human Rights Watch. All the videos will also live in perpetuity on One Day in Earth’s global archive.

Click here ( to learn how to submit video and for more information.

Once again, please forward this on to your contacts, wherever they may be.

Emma, Jim and Amy


Tell us what it means to be “human”!

On October 10th, Human Rights Watch asks you to help us put a face to the human rights issue that confront us. Take the day to reflect on what human rights mean to you, and to society in general, and make a video that expresses your vision. Footage that you create will potentially be used in a feature film, as well as a short film created for Human Rights Watch and will live in perpetuity on One Day in Earth’s global archive.


1. Consider the question: what makes us human? Is it your ability to express yourself? To make decisions? To love? To vote? To go to school? To ask officials for help without paying a bribe, regardless of your ethnic group or religion? To express your gender or sexual orientation freely? What’s most important to you?
2. Answer this question to camera. Consider placing yourself in a location relevant to your answer.
3. Feel free to go further. Visually document the basic human rights that you enjoy, or the human rights that are being denied to you, or to others. Seek out images or interviews related to the topic of human rights.
4. Learn more about human rights-visit us at, read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and share the information with your friends.
5. When you upload your video please be sure to tag it “HRW”.

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